Apply for Wholesale Access

If you are an INDIVIDUAL wanting to make a purchase - Oops! you're on the wrong screen!  SIMPLY ADD ITEMS TO YOUR CART, REGISTER, PAY AND SUBIT YOUR ORDER.

You may apply for Wholesale Access only if you are a RETAILER with a Shop-front or an ONLINE STORE and intend to re-sell any of our products. 

DO NOTE: We operate our business on a PRO-FORMA Basis ONLY and do not provide any Credit / Terms or maintain an Accounts Receivable function. First and ALL ongoing orders must be paid for, before they can be shipped. We accept EFT Payments and Credit Cards - Visa & Mastercard without any surcharge. 

We require Online Stores to display our products at our Recommended Retail Price (RRP) or higher. Discount/Savings or Discounted Price MUST only be displayed alongside the RRP. 

If you are comfortable with the above terms - you may go ahead and register yourself. Then, please email us basic details to tell us a little about your business. We will review and modify your account status to Wholesale access and prices. We're generally quick to review and turn around on such emails. 

We look forward to welcoming you on board our growing network of retail partners.