Frequently Asked Questions by Wholesale Customers

What is your Minimum Order for Wholesale / Trade Customers in Australia? 
Whilst we do not impose any minimum quantity or value, we do charge a flat fee of $ 30 (plus GST) towards freight & handling per order shipped anywhere within AUSTRALIA. NOTE: We operate our business on a PRO-FORMA BASIS.

Consequently, cost savings from not having an accounts receivable function are shared with our customers by way of:

  • No Surcharge on credit card payments. Customers still benefit from their card issuers billing cycle and collect valuable reward points 
  • Flat freight of $ 30 (anywhere within AUSTRALIA). Almost all orders cost us significantly more than this and we pick up the tab for the excess! With increasing fuel & freight costs - our customers see great value and love us for this! 
  • Exceptional 'after-sales-service' and problem resolution

I have not sold your products before. How do I decide which designs and how many to order?
Whilst there is diverse range of products we carry - whatever you choose, make sure you start by buying items that appeal to your lifestyle or personal taste – if you believe in it – you’ll be able to sell it much better. We suggest that you select items / designs that reinforce your personal ideas and store personality – because that’s the type of customers you attract. 

If you are located in the CBD, Industrial/Office precincts or Suburban Shopping Centres – we recommend that you carry as big a range, as your space-constraints allow. Try to make your store a "desitination" by concentrating on one category at a time. Window placement will surely attract attention and being in a high density / traffic area will generate customer flow through referrals. Better to stock just 1 or 2 qty per design over a vast range, than multiple quantities of just a few designs. Folks mostly work around the area and are generally happy to order designs you may not have in stock.  

However, if you are in a shopping strip or a transit / tourist destination – concentrate on themes that blend in with the local attractions and/or match your store personality. In such an instance you may want to hold multiples of the popular designs, as your window of opportunity to sell to a transient customer is very short.

Our customers who are successfully selling a range of our products range across Menswear stores, Jewelers, Tobacconists, Pharmacies, Women's Boutiques, Gift Stores, Fashion Accessories stores, Zoos & Museums, Party Planners, Corporate Promotional Item companies, Charities & Fund raising organisations, Professional Associations ...

Finally, there is no substitute to "giving it a go"

What kind of exclusivity do you offer retailers?
We mainly deal with Independent Retailers who carry varying products from our collections. In any one post code location, there might even be 3 or 4 retailers carrying non-conflicting products. Example: local Pharmacy carries Wallets and Compact Mirrors. Whereas the local Jeweller carries Treasured Trinkets & Lacquered Boxes and the Men's or Gift Shop carries Cufflinks and other novelty items. 

Therefore, we do not offer any exclusive territories for ALL products. Should you have a conflict of interest, simply let us know and we will aim to resolve it in a commercially expedient manner.

We have multiple stores and would like to negotiate volume discounts?
We offer deep discounts on most of our products when you buy them as a SET. We have structured SETs for most of our collections, wherein the SET comprises one or more quantity for each design in the collection. This way we move stock of all designs uniformly and you receive a large range that invariably grabs greater interest and sells at non-discounted retail prices. You buy the SET at significantly discounted prices to be able to clear a small percentage of slower moving designs (if any), at reduced prices without compromising normal retail margin. 

We maintain very competitive prices for the product quality & service we offer. In addition we absorb several incidental costs and extend volume discounts thorugh SET pricing only.

What kind of packaging do your products come in?
All our products come with elegant branded packaging that demonstrates our confidence in products we sell. A lot of thought goes into packaging design to ensure ease of handling, merchandising, gift-wrapping and importantly - that it does not take away the attention from the intrisic value of the product itself. In other words - we don't sell packaging, ableit a value proposition that is well presented!

Can you make your products with our custom design?
Yes, we specialise in custom-designed products offered to our Corporate & Promotional comapany customers. Depending on your requirement and budget, we will be able to propose suitable options. Contact us, so that we can better understand what you have in mind and work with you to provide the most cost effective way of achieving your objectives. 

Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we regularly ship to a number of  Individual and some Retailers / Trade Customers internationally from stock we maintain in Australia. Whilst the flat-freight offer does not apply, we use Australia POST and only charge freight at cost. We are in our International Growth Phase and establishing international distributors in various countries. Contact us to find out if there is one near you.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa and MasterCard. In addition, you may pay by Bank Transfer. NOTE: We operate on a PRO-FORMA BASIS ONLY. We do not maintain trade accounts or offer credit terms.

How do I place my order if paying through EFT/bank transfer or a Charge to my Credit Card?
You may use our Online Ordering system. At checkout, you will have the option of selecting one of 2 payment options viz: Credit Card or EFT/Bank Wire. 

In either case - no payments are processed immediately through any online payment gateway. We first ensure that we have all of your ordered items in-stock. We then confirm by issuing a Pro-Forma Invoice. This is when you reconfirm your order and we either charge your card for the invoiced amount OR request you to arrange EFT and send us your payment confirmation. 

Once payment has been confirmed, we will ship your order without delays. 

If you are charging to your Credit Card and we have all items in-stock, we may process your payment and ship or contact you for further instructions, as necessary. 

The fastest way to have your order processed and shipped is to pay by CREDIT CARD. To make secure, we process payments off-line, after we have picked your ordered items, to avoid reversals etc. for stocked-out / back-ordered items. 

How long will it take to receive my order?
All orders within AUSTRALIA are shipped via Courier. Domestic orders generally require no more than 1 or 2 days delivery time to major metro locations. Country & Remote location may take from 2-7 working days. International orders for items being issued out of our Australian stock deliver within 4-14 working days. Other larger volume orders from International trade Customers and Distributors are advised of delivery schedules based on production loads. 

Whilst all retail & wholesale orders get processed within 24-48 hours, they are shipped only when payment has been processed successfully. Therefore, to avoid delays, please ensure your payment confirmation is sent timely or along with your order. 

How do I cancel my order?
We do understand that you may have made an error or your circumstances may have changed or you're simply not sure! No problem, to cancel you order, please inform us via email and/or phone ASAP, so we may release stock allocation to other customers.  

Generally, there is a lag of minimum 6-12 hours from when you've ordered to when we ship. However, for a very small order placed before 12 noon on a work day, it is possible that we process it on priority to make the courier cut-off time of 1:30 pm. Please note, that if your order has been shipped, cancellation will not be granted and you will be charged all freight and administrative costs for returns and/or un-accepted goods.  

International Trade Customer & Distributor Orders are irrevocable, once production has been committed and payment / deposit has been received.

How do I return a defective item?
We have good quality control in place when orders are packed. However, if you have a defective item which you wish to return or exchange, please inform us within seven (7) day of receipt. We will then advise the most expedient way to resolve the incident. 

What happens if the item I ordered is not available?
We endeavour to keep our online system updated with available stock levels for each item. Where any product is Stocked Out and we are aware of it - you will not be able to place an order through our Online System. You may still email us to register your interest, back-order or reserve it. However, where you have ordered an item showing In Stock online, there may be instances where we do not have your ordered item or the required quantity. In such instances, we will contact you for instructions to part-process and keep un-filled item/quantity on back-order or cancel / refund. 

I was shown an order successful page during checkout but did not receive email acknowledegment?
There are numerous possibilities. Please check that you did not make a typo whilst inputting your email ID. Another common reason is the Order Process email has been mistaken by your email server as spam. You may like to check your spam folder and make sure to select it as "Not Spam" to receive future emails in your inbox.

If all this does not provide answers, simply contact us for confirmation and/or assistance.