Pomeranian -Fridge Magnet


Did you know Fridge Magnets can be found in as many as 80% of household refrigerators and most households view their fridge door over 40 times per day! 


déva AUSTRALIA have designed this Love My Dog Collection of Fridge Magnets to cherish the diversity of popular Dog Breeds and the Special Relationship enjoyed by each with their Owner/Carer.

Use them to hold photos / personality profile / shopping list of your dog or simply jazz up your refrigerator / dishwasher or anyplace that will take one.

Why not get one for yourself, someone who is completely in love with this dog breed or has one that has been cross-bred with this!


Size: 4.5 (w) x 6 (l) cms. High quality magnet with epoxy dome surface. Each magnet is packed in a cello bag.


PS: Also check out our Jewels of Nature Collection of Dog Breed Pendants avialble in 18K Gold as well as Rhodium plating.


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